Monday, September 13, 2010

FUJISAN!!!! Part 1?

Hmm... this is written in a story format I guess...

Bad thing is I think I change from past to present tense a lot...

Sorry! But enjoy my story of climbing Fujisan! :D

I move my arm in my sleep and then jerk wide away from the pain. My whole arm is aching. Ouch. That's not the only part of my body hurting, as I slowly turn my head to look around, my stiff neck sends me another painful message.

There's not much to see, only the slightest bit of light slipping it's way through the cracks in the curtains. I hear some one snoring, a whisiper, and then the snoring stops.

"I'm never spending a whole night on a bus again" I think to myself. It felt like I had slept up against a cold brick wall. The rest of my body doesn't hurt too much, but I'm afraid to fall back asleep.

It's not like I could help sleeping on a bus though. I was too excited the day before, so excited that it had worn me out. Besides, I had needed sleep too.

I smile to myself, remembering the reason to why I had boarded a bus at 10 pm. and would be getting off soon at 5:40. The reason, of course, was because I would be climbing Mt.Fuji. One more dream in Japan I wanted to accomplish was well... on it's way to being accomplished.

But could I make it? Could WE make it?

I look at the seat behind me to see Nakano-san. I guess you could say she looks like a rather stereotypical Japanese woman. She has the small body and frame. Though, her personality is very very crazy. Crazy in a good way of course. Without her, I wouldn't be on this trip.

As I sit there, thinking, I hear her cough in her sleep.

She has a cold... I asked her the day before if she was sick, but she had denied it. I was really worried. Climbing Mt Fuji- the highest mountain in Japan had to be difficult. And I didnt want her pushing herself too hard for my sake.


Before I realize it, the loudspeaker comes on and a man's voice wakes the whole bus up, announcing we will be dropped off soon.

Yes, Tokyo, here I come!!!!

Tokyo's our first stop, from there, we`ll board another bus that will take us to Mt.Fuji.

Unfortunately, there's no time for sight seeing, but I enjoy staring up at the buildings in amazement. In the country, where I live, there are practically no high buildings at all. It seems forever since I've seen them.

In the time between catching buses, Nakano-san and I grab breakfast at a convience store and eat it inside a hotel (since it's REALLY hard to find benches in Japan).

Finally, with me practically bouncing with excitement, the bus comes and we board it. As we go towards Shizuoka Prefrecture and out of Tokyo, the setting turns from tall buildings, into huge mountains. This picture is of Mt. Fuji. Since it's summer, there's no snow on the top. (The only time to climb it is in summer, otherwise it's rather dangerous).

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  1. Holly,
    I always anticipate the informative and exciting news from your updates. This entry seems like a true adventure tale from the files of National Geographic! As Part 1 ends, the future episodes promise a most memorable conclusion to your ascent!
    Take care of yourself and your companion!!!!