Saturday, July 31, 2010


I thought tsuyu (the rainy season) was bad, always walking around dragging an umbrella along (always forgetting it too) and still getting wet. But nothing beats waking up in the morning with your face covered in sweat. Japan's summer is incredibly hot and humid. The common conversation always seems to start with "atsui" or "It's hot".

The cost of power in Japan is very high, so everyone is very conservative in using the air conditioning. In fact, it's common for a lot of Japanese households to only heat one room and air condition one room. The same goes with my family.

So what does one do to fight this heat and humidity? Well, many people carry around folding fans called sensu. Others carry small wash clothes to wipe the sweat off. Stores also hand out paper fans (of course with advertisements on them haha).

There's also what I call conbini skipping (or skipping from the air conditioned convience store to another convience store) to cool down. And of course, going to the ocean (but with lots and LOTS of sunscreen).

Summer break has also rolled in and students have about a month off (though most of them go to summer school anyway to study more). Clubs also go through the summer holiday, so the students are kept busy.      

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  1. Holly,

    People on different continents must be experiencing a heat wave this summer, but air conditioning, malls, and pools are the keys to making excessive temperatures bearable. Keep cool!