Friday, April 9, 2010

School Life

I wake up at 6 in the morning everyday, which isn`t much of a difference than my normal time back in the US. However, the way of getting to school is totally different. At 6:55 (after eating breakfast with the family) I walk for about 10 minutes to get to the train station. On the train I meet up with one of my schoolmates and we travel for maybe 30 or 35 minutes on this incredibly crowded train.

I heard in the US that the trains in Japan were crowded, but I didn`t even fathom that they would be THIS crowded. We`re pressed together so tightly that we can barely move. And if you lose your balance, don`t worry about falling, because there`s no room to fall.

After a long ride we arrive at Niigata Station and have to switch trains there before we finally arrive near the school and walk the rest of the way.

(Oh, and school here starts at 8:35, though I don`t get home until 5:35)

Arriving at school, we have to take off our shoes and put on indoor ones.
We then go to our classrooms and when the teacher enters we all bow.

The first day of school was a half day (just a welcome ceremony)and I had to make an introduction speech which ended up being in half Japanese and half English.

Each class at school is an hour long, and to be honest, I only understand math and English (on the English tests it has a lot of Japanese, so I can`t complete all of it).

Surprisingly, the students here take a small test each morning...

the test has answers on the back
the students check the answers by themselves
and there is no teacher in the room.
Yet I haven`t seen one of them cheating.

(oh, and another surprising thing, the boys and girls barely talk to each other because they`re shy)

Lunch time is at 12 30 (I eat an obento okaasan makes, although you can buy lunch).

After school we clean the building ourselves(though luckily, most days I get out of that because of my long train ride).

I don`t really know how to say this, but yesterday I had a random kid scream at me "Do you like sushi?" and a lot of people stare at me. Today a random guy ran up to me and said "HEY, HELLO!" and walked away.

Well, I guess that`s it for now :)
p.s. Japanese keyboards are hard to type on

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