Thursday, April 15, 2010


Last time I wrote, I forgot to mention another thing about the school that completely shocked me.
The girls and boys change together in the classroom for PE.

For my first day of PE, I went and changed in the bathroom because I was afraid the boys would see me. However, (after getting stared at in the bathroom for being the odd one changing there) I found out a way to change my shirt and skirt without showing anything.
Still, I think it's odd how the school, being so strict on having long skirts, lets boys and girls change together.

Just the other day, I went to my first Japanese soccer game. (This picture is before the professional soccer game. In it, two high school girl teams are playing against each other). I had a couple videos of the soccer game but most of the videos were of the crowd, which were extremely devoted to their team. Their cheering included chanting endlessly (trying to be louder than the opposing side's fans) and jumping up and down constantly in rhythm to their chants. They also waved huge flags to encourage their team.

Unfortunately, I was unable to upload these videos.

In addition of my first soccer game, I also went to a Japanese restaurant with my Okaasan, Otoosan, Obaachan, Ojiichan. Arriving at the restaurant we took our shoes off and put them into lockers. Although a Japanese restaurant, the meat there was from America (Otoosan excitedly pointed this out to me.) In the middle of the table there was a grill. And we cooked our own food with chopsticks.

On Saturday I am going to see the Sakura with some friends, I have been really looking forward to this.

Ja ne!

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