Saturday, February 20, 2010

Packing much?

One month before I leave. I recieved my host family a few weeks ago. I was so excited, I got a huge adrenaline rush haha :)

I've emailed my host family a few times in Japanese (using Hiragana- one of the writing systems) and they're REALLY nice.

My sister, (Shiori) sent me an amazing card about Hina-matsuri (Japanese Doll festival). They speak a little English but not much (which is fine by me, I want to learn Japanese and I'm afraid if I end up speaking English I'll never learn it).

Hopefully I'll be in Japan to see the Cherry Blossoms, I think I will but I'm worried I won't.

Packing is a real hassle, it's incredibly frustrating trying to decide what and what not to bring and how to pack it all. It's probably my least favorite thing right now.

Insanely excited,

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