Monday, December 28, 2009

The Beginning

Try as I might, I can’t exactly pinpoint when the idea first came into my mind. Perhaps it crept into my mind while lying in bed, wishing to go on adventure and travel the world. Or maybe it started when I started to listen intently to my mom’s stories of traveling abroad. Or possibly, when Houston, my brother, told me to watch Death Note (an anime). Then, going to the library and picking out some books about Japan. I suppose, through all these events (and more) the idea came simply, “Why not become a foreign exchange student to Japan?” My parents liked the idea and encouraged me to apply to AFS (American Field Services) to become an exchange student. After that, everything happened so quickly. I was accepted to AFS U.S.A. and AFS Japan. During my junior year I will be in Japan staying with a host family. There I hope to learn everything about the culture and language while getting to know my host family and making new friends. I (Watashi wa Hunt Holly desu) will be leaving in late March from the Six Rings City, Pittsburgh, PA.

Excited? I think so…

Counting down the days? Of course I am!

-Holly : )